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Contractors are unable to renew work permits for employees who are stuck overseas due to the currently-imposed limited entry approvals for work pass holders. BCA and MOM explained that the limit is aimed at reducing the risk of imported COVID-19 cases.

Contractors Struggle With Manpower Crunch As Migrant Workers Are Unable To Return

Confronted with a stockpile of tasks given that construction activities were allowed to completely resume in August adhering to the COVID-19 circuit breaker, the construction business is under pressure to fulfill job due dates as many of their migrant workers are stuck overseas.

Among those in hopeless demand of workers is Kongsberg Innovation.

Kongsberg Technology General Supervisor Sim Kian Eng claimed the business has 35 employees in Singapore while an additional 6 are overseas, that include those with run out job passes such as Matharan Subbiah, reported Network News Asia (CNA).

Subbiah returned to India in February for a break, as well as reserved a ticket back to the city-state in April. After months of waiting to go back to work, his work authorization ran out in November. This suggests he is no longer formally thought about Kongsberg Technology’s employee, stated CNA.

Sim, that prepares to rehire Subbiah once the opportunity develops, revealed that he needs eight to 10 more employees.

And also while he has already requested for workers through a recruitment agency along with the Singapore Service providers Organization Limited’s (SCAL) Building Manpower Exchange– which is a platform for firms to employ workers already in Singapore– he is yet to obtain a favorable action.

Because of this, his workers have actually been providing overtime job to deal with the work crunch.

Although “the stress isn’t there yet”, Sim stated his business expects to start “some large tasks” very early the following year.

At The Same Time, Chan Chi Lon, Creator of O2r Fire System, saw a boost as the firm had to involve more sub-contractors. As a matter of fact, the company later went down a job because it was not able to meet the customer’s rate.

Chan had prepared to scale up the business this year, but the unpredictabilities produced by COVID-19 led the firm to tackle simply sufficient jobs to maintain it.

Thankfully, none of his employees left the company– probably due to the fact that their incomes were not slashed during the circuit breaker, he stated.

Chan has actually come across workers moving to one more work supplying a greater salary.

Under existing guidelines, employees whose job licenses are between 21, as well as 40 days of running out, can move to another business without the consent of their present company.

Both the SCAL as well as Ministry of Workforce (MOMMY) have actually recognized the issue.

In an October circular, SCAL revealed that numerous participants had actually told them of a boosting number of employees “seeking transfer to other companies without understanding or consent of the existing employer, requesting for greater salaries”.

MOTHER also sent a notice to contractors in November, saying it knows the workforce restrictions.

The ministry recommended employers to retain their present employees by exercising “mutually appropriate terms early” while advising them that job passes might be restored as early as 2 months prior to expiration.

In a joint declaration to CNA, the Building and also Building And Construction Authority (BCA) and MOM discussed that the restricted entry authorizations for work pass holders were aimed at minimizing the risk of imported COVID-19 instances along with protecting public health.

It included that handling of new work pass applications from countries with lower health risks like China had been slowly returned to by MOMMY.

“We will certainly continue to change our border measures considering feedback from the market regarding their demand for new international workers and as the worldwide scenario evolves,” they said.

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